08.-12.11.2021 Europäisches Netzwerktreffen vom

Dear members of the European FGC Network,

We hope you are all well and have already had a nice summer face to face break from strange virtual life.

Last year during the online annual meeting in November and again in March this year we decided to have short interim online meetings in June and September (15 & 16 September) as well as annual FGC Network meeting in November (8 – 12 November).

We had the meeting in June and was really interesting and productive. Some concrete ideas and developments are in the process of planning and preparation to be shared with everyone.

In the meantime some of us have registered to attend the KEMPE annual conference in October.

Over the last couple of days we discussed the timing and the necessity of the meeting in mid-September with some network colleagues.

We all reached the same conclusion that it is too soon after June and in the beginning of a very busy period for every one of us.

So we suggest to skip the planned two mornings online meeting in September and focus on the preparation of the annual meeting in November.

Please, save the dates for the European FGC network annual meeting 2021 that will take place in ZOOM from 8 till 12 November, each morning from 9-12 (GMT), 10-13 (CET), 11-14 (EET).

The team of Tulip Foundation will be organising and hosting the meeting. Please, send your suggestions and topics for discussions and Open Space sessions to Maria Petkova at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Registration will be opened in early October. You will all receive detailed information about it.

We are very much looking forward to meet you in November. Please, share this invitation letter with colleagues who might be interested to join as for a few mornings of learning and sharing.

Rob van Pagée NL
Maria Petkova BG

Zertifikatslehrgang Familienrat NEU

Lehrgangsstart November 2021

Der Familienrat ist ein Verfahren, bei dem die Betroffenen mit Bekannten und Verwandten zusammentreffen, um ernst zu nehmende Schwierigkeiten gemeinsam zu lösen. Er ist eine Möglichkeit die eigene Gegenwart und Zukunft auch in schwierigen Situationen selbst in die Hand zu nehmen. Dieser Lehrgang bildet sowohl ZuweiserInnen als auch KoordinatorInnen aus.

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